Design Concept

The Product: Home Automation

Presenting the full scope of one's abilities with merely a few screenshots and a brief description can be quite challenging, especially when it pertains to complex software. Below, you will find a more in-depth look at how I constructed design systems, developed prototypes and workflows, and prepared documentation for development.

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Research to Dev Handoff

Below is a concept design for fictional home automation software. The first section showcases my competitive analysis, using screen captures and mental notes to document my likes and dislikes. The next steps include low-fidelity concepts, my observations, and high-fidelity prototypes. Following this, detailed explanations of each feature are provided, alongside their statuses and behaviors, accompanied by handoff documentation for developers.

This style of development handoff is a practice I have utilized in both my previous and current roles. The process was inspired by my children building complex LEGO projects, and me realizing, while flipping through the manuals, that the same logic applied to creating detailed instructions for building complex LEGO structures could be levered in UX Design as well.

Atomic Elements and Components

This encompasses both the atomic elements used for the home automation software and the library of its components. Typically, these two libraries would be separated into their own pages and the components would be displayed along with it's documentation.


This presentation outlines the methods I've used for documenting my work in the past. The approach and platform for this documentation can vary significantly depending on the company and the resources available. My goal is always to find the path of least resistance for development teams and anyone else interested in accessing information and documentation. If the team primarily uses Figma for their workflows, I ensure my documentation is posted there. Conversely, if the team relies on Confluence as their main source of information, I complete the documentation within that platform.