A Little Bit About Me

Throughout my journey as a professional designer, I have had pivotal experiences that have enhanced my skills and led me to find success as a Product Designer. Beginning in college with newspaper design, I enjoyed creating something tangible and collaborative, akin to building an application. This process taught me the importance of teamwork and design principles, contrasting sharply with my later experience in graphic design. Post-graduation, I worked as a graphic designer, where I developed a stronger sense of design. However, I also wished there were better ways to determine success with my work. My exploration didn't stop there; I dabbled in web design, gaining essential skills and a deep understanding of website mechanics and developer communication, despite coding not being my forte.

In my spare time, my fascination with technology, whether it's building PCs or playing around with home automation, has always driven me to seek innovations that simplify and improve. My previous roles laid the foundation for Product Design, where I excel in collaborating with stakeholders, developers, and users to solve problems and respect users' time. My career is a testament to using curiosity for continuous learning, embracing data and feedback to refine products, and always striving for better solutions that elevate user experiences.


Getting Started with Section 508 Course


Issued: Oct 2023

Introduction to Web Accessibility


Issued: Sep 2023

Certified in HTML/CSS

Johnson County Community College

Issued: 2012